Which DAWs do you use? (plus do you use trackers?)

Currently using OpenMPT, LMMS, Audacity and rarely Wavosaur. Planning to use Cakewalk once i get bored of LMMS.
Used to use FL studio demo more than 10 years ago, decided not to pay a fortune at all so i currently use only free stuff but i might pay for reaper or zrythm one day if some of my music will demand it

What about you? Anyone using sth like MilkyTracker? Renoise? Or do you prefer traditional DAWs like FL and Ableton? Or you do all recording and editing in sth like Audacity?

Logic Pro (Primary) … Garageband (Mobile) , Audacity (Mp3 Compression)

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Just looked at Bandlab website, they announced 2 new Cakewalk DAWs both paid replacing current free one apparently. Fortunately i downloaded free version before the announcement and i hope i dont have to buy Next nor SONAR, unless maybe they’re decently priced