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What I miss from the 'old' alonetone

Hi! I’m a new member, and I know it’s a bit early to start suggesting stuff, but on the other hand, I have come to alonetone as a visitor for a while.

There is alonetone radio, which is really nice, but it used to have a random feature, where you could listen to tracks that were randomly picked.
I really liked that, because it was a wonderful way to discover music that you wouldn’t be able to discover in any other way. There’s a lot of music on alonetone that is sort of buried, or very difficult to access, and that random function was a great way to listen to unexpected things.

If that could be implemented again in some way that would be wonderful.


I believe that same random feature still exists! Try clicking on the ‘Mangoz Shuffle’ option at the top of the radio page.


Yes, I can see it now. You’re right!
Though…this option only seems to be accessible when you’re logged in.
So visitors do not have this option, which is why I presumed it did not
exist anymore.

Oh well, since I am a member now, I suppose my problem is solved. :slight_smile:

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Is there still a way to link to a youtube music video? That was a nice feature.

Oh - nevermind… it just goes into the description.