What are you up to in '23?

I did a song challenge this year for the whole year, but in 2023, I’ll probably do the RPM challenge in Feb, and focus the rest of the year on mixing - maybe a new mix every week. There are plenty of multitracks out there for practice. I’ll also work on bass and ear training. What about you?

I am gearing up for my 11th FAWM (February album writing month) and maybe performing Outdoors at a couple festivals this summer.

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Working with @montgomeru on alonetone! Doing some maintenance, updates, and hopefully getting a few new features in place…


Trying to get a better focus on doing music. I’m one the types that gets frustrated fairly easy. I’m pretty frustrated with my DAW which is supposedly one of the simplest ones to use. Get a decent sound (to me) until a burn a tribal CD and the levels are really low. So other than hopefully get better at using that, I’m doing RPM and hoping to just have fun doing my own thing.