Re-post- unreliable playback

Wrote a thread earlier, but deleted it when I thought I’d found a solution. Alas, it was shortlived.

So, lately (probably last two weeks or so), I’ve been getting the equivalent of a beach ball when I try to play my playlist. I don’t have slow internet connection, nor any trouble with any other streaming audio platform. Just my playlists. I thought re-creating the playlist from scratch had fixed my problem, but it was a shortlived fix, and now its made things worse - even other tracks from my profile won’t play either. Anyone else having trouble, or aware of any issues?


Hey there, is it just that playlist player you have trouble with on alonetone? Like, if you play a track off alonetone’s home page is everything ok?

It sounds like there might be a js error of some kind. These two answers should help me narrow it down:

Which browser (with version) are you on?
Are you using any browser extensions?

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Thanks… should have updated this thread - seems to be a caching problem. If I empty my browser’s cache, I can play tracks again… for a bit. Then they stop again.

OS - MacOS - 12.6.5
Browser - Chrome - 112.0.5615.137

The only active extension is Google Docs Offline.

At first the problem only seemed to be with a playlist, but now it seems to be everywhere.

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Hi there,

Hmm, I’m having trouble reproducing on the same version of chrome (but on later OS version).

Interesting re: cache. I’m wondering how best to figure out what the root issue is… do you have another device you can test with? Is it only on the one device?

The player is due for another round of polish (there are some edge cases where it does get stuck) but I’m able to play your latest collaboration playlist just fine…hmm!!!