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Page not showing in ranked lists/ major AT love

hi folks,
it’s been a while. Seems like just yesterday I was getting ripshod drunk and posting maniacal sonic free-verse to alonetone. fond memories. I was paging through the ranked artist pages tabs and found to my surprise that chimps 8 my ears is not listed on those pages in any of our ranked capacity. typically, i expect to see us on the top uploaders page, and according to my sampling we should be there somewhere in the top couple pages. maybe alonetone is a quieter place than i remember, and things have just fallen to the wayside.

this isn’t a big deal. it’s not a rant. i don’t know if asking for a mod to look into it is even within the social contract as i haven’t been a frequent user for years. maybe that has something to do with it. maybe the ranked pages also reflect frequency of interaction with the website.

i guess i felt like sending this message out to the music gods who run this small spectacular world regardless of outcome. i remember you guys and the impact you had on my life. i may never have made the music i made if it weren’t for alonetone. i certainly don’t fit in with any commercial platforms. you all gave me a huge gift at a time when i really needed support, the last four years of my drinking before entering long term sobriety. i wrote a novel in november 2020, just published it january 2022. the community here helped me find expression when i was nearly non-verbal with substance abuse and trauma patterns.

i love you guys. i know i was a pain in the butt a lot of the time. but i can’t help feeling deep down, the warmth and generosity of the people on this website gave me the strength to heal.

take good care of yourselves and each other, i know you will,

hot wheels spaulding


Welcome back chimps! And congrats on the sobriety, that’s a big deal.

I fixed the bug with the users page you are are now the first one on page 2.

It looks like “last uploaded” is having a bit of trouble too, going to look into it…


Ok, last uploaded should be happier now too.

Let me know anyone else sees something off about those user pages.


Thanks Suds! It’s great to be here!

Hey Chimps, Good that you spoke up and the issue was able to be resolved. Cool to know about your novel and the sobriety. Congrats !