Is your music any good?

Not sure what this might lead to but, how frustrated do you feel when no-one seems to care about the music you create ? You’ve put lots of time, thought,effort into what you feel is something pretty cool yet people that hear your work seem not to care at all. What are your thoughts on all this ?

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I don’t worry about it anymore. Yes, it would be nice for people to dig what I do, but I accept that there’s so much stuff out there that my (unmarketable) work isn’t going to cut through and get heard, much less acknowledged as something worthwhile.

I mostly think my music is pretty good in absolute terms, and when you take into account that it is a serious hobby, etc. and all the other stuff I do, I mostly think it is somewhat impressive. I have moments of also thinking it’s all garbage and I have so much/too much still to learn, and that other people are just so much more talented, etc.

I also recognize that nobody really cares (not that they ever did).

At this point in my life, I just want to make things I consider interesting and good. I am under no delusions that it will ever be popular, or that my friends will even listen to it. But that is not why I do it. I do it for me.

I don’t get frustrated about lack of interest in my songwriting. I think my style is probably not very popular and I’ve never really cared about that. I do get frustrated with production quality though. Some of it is down to hearing loss, and lack of confidence in what I’m hearing in terms of mix, some of it undoubtedly due to poor arrangements, and other production problems. I wish I was better at that.

No question, I have a lot more to learn about songwriting, but I wish I could just produce better quality productions, and that will likely never happen, because the hearing loss won’t be going away.

Not sure … I do have 3 Songs on the RPM top 20 List on SoundCloud … But then Again I do some of my Self Promotion through Social Media which helps get the Play Count up… As everything in Life It takes Time!

lol my music is hit and miss, trial and error
i might not need more than a handful of favourites, but i’d be glad if at least 3 ppl favourited a few of my songs, but i’m more looking forward to comments, at least one per most or some songs, which is enough for me
i always thought i make music for both myself and others, and i just like to share my work, maybe not everything but at least sth

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