Does anyone still listen to CDs?

Hey Everyone, I just completed my RPM Challenge and it got me wondering, does anyone still listen to CDs or even have a use for them ? I got thinking about this as when I first started RPM that was one of the accepted formats (you could even submit a cassette back then). I believe I might have asked this a few years back on RPM’s own site. I’m betting there are some investing answers. Thanks !

Yep, hundreds of CDs here, and we’re still buying them.

I’m listening to one right now. I began listening to CDs again after having scorned them for years in favour of streaming services. I like the way they encourage me to listen more carefully. Sort of the way a typewriter makes me write more carefully or a film camera makes me take photos more thoughtfully.


I find I’m more likely to purchase a CD if it’s a band that I have other CDs from, or alternatively a band where the album art/packaging is particularly cool.

For instance, I generally purchase Ayreon (and Star One) albums as physical discs.

If I’m more interested in getting singles, or it’s a band I’m not as sold on, then I’ll do digital. Or, if I want the album really, really fast, I’ll do digital. (However, with Amazon, if you purchase a new CD, a lot of the time they’ll give you a digital copy while you’re waiting for it in the mail, so you get the best of both worlds.)

My 15 yr old truck died and i had to get something more current. The most striking differences in vehicle tech these days is the audio system (at least for me).
Cd’s are dead for me now. A USB stick jammed into the dash has replaced the discs.

To burn a cd-r now in the studio and share with friends/bands/artists has been replaced by dropbox

Casual listening is now a bluetooth speaker and my phone.

Obsolete are not only hundreds of cd’s but also 5 complete home-stereo systems

Its pretty crazy

Yeah - I still listen to CDs on occasion, but I find it’s a lot easier to rip them to digital and play them from a computer or music player. (Less overall wear on the disc that way as well.)

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YES, CDs are works of art! Some songs that I have on CDs are not available on Spotify… a CD is, basically, a playlist in modern-term speak! I published my debut album of collaborations on CD, and now am releasing new versions via Ditto Music to reach new audiences. CDs still have their place in the world of music. Each CD is a work of art.