Do you want playback to continue as you browse pages on alonetone?

Or maybe a better question is — have you seen sites that have a global/persistent player in place where it’s not awkward but nice?

Basically, it’s a one-line change for me to allow playback to continue on alonetone as you browse around.

However, the main problem is UI…especially on mobile, it might be easy to press play somewhere and then “get lost” and be confused about where the next track is coming from, not really remember where it was you pressed play, want to go “back to where you pressed play”, etc.

So if you know of any good examples anywhere, let me know!

Fun fact, the original site had a global player (but didn’t actually have the ability to continue playback across page loads).

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Besides being a great radio station (if only for the programme Difficult Listening), their site has a persistent player that seems to be available on all pages:

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Thanks for that — nice and simple, I can get behind it!

alonetone could keep it simple with just a play/stop and track title like that. Maybe it could also link to the page where you pressed play, so if you navigated away and the next track started playing and you wanted info, you could just click that link to be taken back…

Not sure what the status is around this but would be handy (but not a big deal) to add songs or playlists to the queue of a cross page player somewhere along the lines of GitHub - cshum/scm-music-player: Seamless music for your website. HTML5 music player with continuous playback cross pages.