Do you care that no-one listens to your music?

How do feel if no-one really listens to the songs you’ve created and started ? Do you music for you or others ? Share your thoughts :-}

I do music both for myself and for others. And yes i get pretty sad sometimes when nobody listens to my songs, especially when many of them nobody even comments :frowning:
But i guess i just have to keep improving myself, altho not sure how to do that either. I mean, i believe i found my style and if nobody recognizes that, it gets worse. I’m trying to figure out why nobody commented on my SEMS songs yet and that actually makes me more confused than sad because i can somewhat understand why noone would care for my new genre, even if it may not be new nor am i probably the first to have done sth like that, maybe bc of that fact, but then again, it’s weird. I feel like i’m a misfit. btw i have no new listens since November 14 last year so i guess i have to change sth about my music but i’m not sure what, either that or i could promote myself on different places where i find more like-minded ppl

I’m clearly not making music just for myself, art is meant to be shared.
I don’t have as many listeners as I’d like, but I suppose that’s the case for almost everyone. I go on my way without worrying too much about it, if it has to be done, it will be done, if not, it will remain a sort of legacy for my children, a testimony to what I was able to do at a certain point in my life.

There is barely a line between “I make music for myself” and wanting other to hear your creations. Friends and family will always give it at least a courtesy listen…. But it might not mean too much. When a fellow musician says your stuff is cool it has a deeper impact.

The only way I have found works well to “get” more listens, is to listen and comment on other people tunes. If you do it without the expectation of reciprocity, it works out fairly well.

Alonetone seems to favour the acoustic singer songwriter vibe more than any other. There is a group of bands or power pop, but not many.

EDM and soundscape exists, but I wouldn’t say it has a high demand of listeners.

We all of course want someone to acknowledge our efforts.

it’s sad that electronic music isn’t so popular on at, i guess i might have to post more on newgrounds.

I think Electronic music could be more prevalent, it just takes time. I really do suggest getting out there and commenting on as much music as possible. People will listen back and eventually, you will find like minded musicians.

Nice responses guys. Both make a lot of sense. Myself, I feel pretty lucky in that I appreciate most musicians work no matter how “way-out-there” it might be. It feels or seems as though it helps broaden my tastes. Thanks for checking my stuff out. (sorry for my poor recording quality).

I was definitely intrigued that you were a NH based musician and gigged through the area. I live in Rochester NH and I get excited to listen to more local based projects near me.

Nice to hear that. I’m in a new project Highway 603 out of the Holderness area. We’re just starting to get gigs but, as you know that is getting tougher as venues are more into Solon duo acts. I’m going to kick my own butt to get out and do some busking (I have about an hour set of covers and originals). I signed up for the RPM Challenge again this year so, wish me luck :-} How’s things going for you ?

Hey “V”, I’m trying to use GarageBand but, as you can hear my production isn’t up to par :-/