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Delete not working

not sure if you’re aware (you probably are), delete function not working. thanks my friend!


News to me, thanks! We’ll check it out….


A couple things I appreciate are: 1) that everyone is encouraged to give a honest opinion about everything Alonetone and 20 that Sudara handles it all like a saint. Thank you Sudara and Alonetone ! :-}


Well said! This is a true home for musicians thanks to Sudara and Montgomeru and others whom I wish I could name.


I have also had this problem and also noticed that the Make Private function is not working.

Likewise, I’m trying to delete a playlist but it is not working. Thanks.

Yikes! Looking into these things…

Delete tracks/playlists should be happy again. Sorry about that blip, those things escaped QA when we did the big refactor recently.

I couldn’t reproduce this… could you try that again and if you still have trouble let me know which playlist it is? Thanks!!

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Thanks for all you do!

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Thanks, Delete works here now. I am still not able to Make Private, but maybe I’m doing something wrong. I check the box, but then when I log out and go to the page, it is still there. (Anyway, I only wanted to make private the song I couldn’t delete.)

Hmm, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll dig in a bit more if you let me know which playlist it is!

It works for me with playlists. It doesn’t seem to work for individual tracks. When I click “Make Private” and then log out, the track is still visible and “Make Private” has been unchecked.

Just had a thought… I wasn’t aware you could make tracks private, so I went looking (because it would maybe be cool, not sure whether I’d use it or not)

@lensasso do you mean this?


That makes the comment you’re about to post private.

I couldn’t find or see any other Make Private.

Thanks! You are right, of course. Don’t know what I was thinking (or perhaps not-thinking better describes it ;).