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Comment delete still not working

I saw the bug report from January that Delete isn’t working, and another comment from a week ago saying that it’s working now.

I don’t know which delete function these were talking about, but I tried to delete a comment last night and got a 404 Page Not Found.

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Yep me too.

I did my usual thing of “typed, didn’t check, hit send” then read the gibberish I’d written that was there for all to see on the front page.

At that point, I tend to copy the text, start a new comment, fix it and send…
Then I delete the naff version… EXCEPT… :rofl:

Good old 404

Thanks for posting this to the forum, I wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise! All fixed, with some added tests to catch things next time…

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Nice one… my badly typed duplicate is now gone! :grinning:

(Not that I’m OCD or anything!! :rofl:)