Are we allowed to post cover songs?

I know we are encouraged to post our own material at any stage of the work. But I’m wondering if it’s okay to post our version of songs from other artists ie: Johnny Cash, Neil Young etc. It would be fun but, don’t want to break rules. Sudara might give some guidance ? Thanks !

I think it is part of the signup agreement that we don’t but not sure how to check.
Covering other Alonetoners though … that is a very cool thing!

Thinking about this again there were a couple of sites, MacJams and iComp, that had a cover song ‘scene’, where lots of covers were posted. As well as lots of original stuff. It’s interesting and a bit sad, that both of them are gone now. Might be unrelated but who knows.

I did look over the FAQ sheet and it does say that copywrite material is not allowed, and it makes sense once read through. Possibly the other sites users never had proper permission and the powers that be slapped them really hard for misuse. No worries, it’s great we have a site we can share our ideas and music. There are heaps of really cool music here and it’s fun to poke around and find so much interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing :-}