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Please start a new post in the “Found a bug?” category if you find any bugs on alonetone!

We’ll look at it usually within a day or so and then file a github issue. Here’s a list of the open issues, over 100 right now! :fearful:

Hope I’m doing this right - just posting a reply to the bugzzzz topic?

Displayed Timing on an Uploaded New Version of a song.

Not sure if this is a bug or maybe a caching thing.

Now I’ve transferred over to using a DAW, and I’ve got my latest one ready, I found that I got caught up in my own little private loudness war on my old posts. I also learnt I’d been making an horrendous up-sampling error when creating the mp3s.

So I’m going through a little “remastering” exercise. The first batch is ready and I’ve started uploading.

The new versions are slightly different lengths, but our alonetone screens show the old lengths, even after a hard refresh. The other site I’m on, that plays from here, does recognise the new lengths.

In both cases, the songs play perfectly, so I think it’s a low priority display issue.

An example is my “The Practical Gardener”.
The mp3 is actually 3:18 now.
The other site displays 3:18
My song lists here display the original 3:13
When I play here, it goes to completion, but the display stops at 3:15

Ah! Just found that this is probably covered under ticket #1055?

As you were! :grinning:

Hah wow, you are on top of things! Sorry for the trouble. You are right, the issue is lodged here: "Upload new version" UI improvements · Issue #1055 · sudara/alonetone · GitHub

It should be relatively straightforward to fix up, I’ll try to slot it in the next batch of work.

Sure! I actually don’t know why I made this post originally, maybe I was just testing the forum out a while back :smiley:

There’s a “Found a bug?” category where new topics are welcome.

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I’ve just figured out the Categories now - didn’t spot them yesterday! :grinning:

Heh, yeah, categories seem to be the one thing thats a bit confusing on the new forums since everything just displays as a big list up front…